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Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Martin Dado. As a DJ I have a lot of experiences on many social events such as: weddings, prom nights, balls, anniversaries, company’s parties and many others. My field of action is whole Slovakia and couple of times I had opportunities to be also in neighbouring countries...

Despite of my long term practical experiences being a DJ is my hobby. It makes me really happy! Every event is special for me and I always try to approach to it as responsibly and as flexibly as I can.

I enjoy mixing not only music, but also entertainment.

In case of wedding I also act as a presenter and wedding coordinator. I help you to plan a wedding party (timelines) and during party I organize wedding traditions and habits for instance: presenting toast for the newlyweds, cutting the wedding cake and many others. I make interesting program and amusing wedding games during breaks between dancing rounds. I get inspiration for wedding games on Slovak and also foreign weddings that I have been at. Hosting the wedding and presenter service are already included in the basic package, after the agreement with the wedding couple. 

Within DJ’s and presenter’s service I offer:

  • lighting the wedding space, 

  • projection (photos, graphics, texts slide show and have fun with mimic the actions of a virtual dancer on screen),

  • amazing low fog, 

  • karaoke show, 

  • presenting in English language. 

Whole program, hosting and course of the wedding is according to requirements and vision of the wedding couple. I as a DJ become the part of your wedding to come up to your expectations and vision of the one of the most important days in your life. 


I hope that you find me interesting and in case of any questions please, do not hesitate to contact me.  

Dj Martin Dado

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